Conferences Green Chemistry and White Biotechnology

23 May 2018   Conference
Gérard MIGNANI Jullien Drone Iwona Cybulska Salima Kempenaer Didier BREYER Alexander Akermann Anne-Lise Hantson Michel Devillers Pau Ferrer Dominique Marechal Michel Hartman Ayse Asatekin Andrew Camilli Patrick Gerin Frank Delvigne Frédéric Druck André Petitjean STEPHAN DECLERCK Ludo Diels Mariano Nicolas Cruz Bournazou

Dear participant,
Thank you for your pre-registration to the GreenWin International Conferences “Green Chemistry and White Biotechnology: From Innovation to Business” which will be held next May 8th and 9th, 2019, in Gosselies, Belgium.
Provisional programs:
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As soon as your payment will be honored, your registration will be confirmed and your cooperation profile will become visible and public to the participants on the networking platform within a few days. The planning of your B2B’s will begin on April 3rd. You will receive an email to remind you to book meetings.
Looking forward to meeting you,
GreenWin team
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