GreenWin International Conferences: Green Chemistry - White Biotechnology - 6th Edition

09 September 2020   Conference
Patrick Ballmann Sébastien Cajot Iwona Cybulska Juha Lehtonen Angélique Léonard Philippe Mengal Alex Michine Michel Morant Susann Müller Lionel Muniglia Geoffrey Parks Marie-Aline Pierrard Tony Pouply Wim Soetaert Mette Thomsen André Tonneaux Pierre Van Cutsem Tineke Van Hooland

GreenWin, in collaboration with the University of Liège, co-organises the 6th edition of its international 2-day conferences “Green Chemistry - White Biotechnology”. It will be held on 9 & 10 SEPTEMBER 2020 in Liège, Belgium.

This year, the focus will be on « Biorefineries: at the heart of new bioeconomy production processes».

The purpose of the conferences is to assess the innovative technology used to boost activities in the fields of green chemistry and white biotechnology around the world, to share knowledge and to stimulate the creation of new R&D projects involving the academic world, research centres and industrial players from the sector, both at regional and international scales.

The conferences also aim at showing the link between research and market.

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