GreenWin Projects Boot Camp Sessions #1 - Water Management projects

25 February 2021   Conference

Dear Madam,

Dear Sir,


In a world where resources and their access are, by nature, limited, the GreenWin innovation cluster was set up in 2011 with the aim of contributing, through industrial innovation, to the most crucial societal needs and issues of this century.

 One of our international objectives is to very concretely highlight the large potential offered by the projects supported by GreenWin. If we cannot go evrywhere, we can ask the world come to us in order to promote the projects results obtained by our Walloon actors. 

In this context, we will propose the 1 first « Session of GreenWin Projects Promotion » which will be held next October 16th in a digital format. The session will be specifically dedicated to 4 projects related to Water Management

    • Project Blue-V presented by Aquatic Sciences 
    • Project Massette presented by Aquatic Sciences 
    • Project Medix presented by John Cockerill 
    • Project SHC presented by University of Mons 

Each Master Session will take up to 2 hours from 10 AM till noon

You can register below.

FYI, the next session will be held next November 26th and will focus on recycling & pollution prevention projects.

We are looking forward to meeting you (virtually) very soon!


GreenWin's team